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About us

Welcome to II Castello Restaurant. We’re very proud and honoured to be one of the longest-standing Italian restaurants in Edinburgh. For years we’ve been serving our takes on authentic Italian food here on Castle Terrace, meaning on our menu you’ll find a good mix of pizza, pasta, meat and fish dishes, all of which are prepared with the utmost care and the finest ingredients we can find. We’ve recently renovated II Castello Restaurant so it’s now a more refined, bright and all together a more comfortable space to enjoy homey food and wine. Why not reserve a table online? We can’t wait to have you in.

Cocktail Menu

1st- 24th Dec
Only the Xmas party menu is available

25th Dec
Xmas menu only

31st Dec
Hogmanay menu only


Our History

Il Castello restaurant was established in 1989 by the former owner Nicky Polcino and Jackie Waller who also were the couple that opened the first Italian restaurant in Edinburgh, The Sorrento, in 1959. Nicky then went on to open various restaurants across Edinburgh including Vito’s Restaurant which was a 5 star establishment and well known for being the best Italian Restaurant in the UK.

Since Il Castello opened and up until 2015 was run by Giuseppe Votta who was well known and liked to the Edinburgh community until he unfortunately passed away. Now going full circle the son of NIcky and Jackie, Cosimo has recently taken charge where he hopes to take the restaurant back to the top and replicate the successes his father had with Vito’s. Working alongside cosimo is head chef Elaina fernandez and a further 2 female chefs of which he plans to put Elaina through her master chef certificate so the restaurant can get its michellan star status.

Since Cosimo’s return from Kenya Malindi, where he ran the largest holiday resort on the coast of the Indian Ocean he has brought back the specialty of Italian seafood to the menu and welcomes all to the restaurant at the foot of the castle.


Monday – Saturday
12:00-14:00 / 17:00-22:00
The restaurant is open on Sunday 5-10 between the months of December, July and August

36 Castle Terrace

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